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Necessary Health Tests of Bride and Groom Before MarriageIn the arrange marriage most of the bride’s and groom’s families are very much keen to find out the compatibility of horoscope or kundli matching. But before marriage there is something more important than horoscope matching of bride and groom—that is physical and mental health check up of the bride and groom. The basic idea behind getting a health check before marriage is to rule out the factors, deficiencies or diseases that may interfere with a happy married life.


1.Routine Blood Test— Hemoglobin, TC, DC, ESR, Sugar, Urea, Creatinine and also special blood test for the diseases like Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, gonorrhea, herpes and hiv+ve, hiv-ve are absolutely essential. Because the above diseases are infectious or STD(sexually transmitted diseases) and transferred during intercourse.


2.Thalassemia Test—To know whether the bride and groom are the carrier of thalassemia germ this test is required. By doing Hemoglobin electrophoresis test one can diagnose about the existence of the disease.If any one of the proposed bride or groom is diagnosed as a carrier of Thalassemia germ that does not make much problem but if both are diagnosed as the carrier of of Thalassemia then it may crate problem.


3.Blood Group Test—Usually people think bride and groom with same blood group may create difficulty to conceive. But this is not true. A factor known as the ‘Rh’may be of concern, as women who bear a negative ‘Rh’ factor in their blood may be incompatible wit men with a positive ‘Rh’blood group during child birth, in the sense that it may lead to miscarriages. This can be tested during regular blood group test. Although medical science has advanced to a level adequate to eliminate these differences and cornered down incompatibility to a great extent.


4. Chromosomal analysis or Karyotyping Test—This test can detect the presence of genetic abnormalities within blood, bone marrow or tumor cells.If the bride or groom having any chromosomal difficulty or dispute in gene their child may face many difficulties in future.


5. Honeymoon Cystitis Test- By doing urine culture and urine sensitivity test one can diagnose about the disease. Honeymoon Cystitis is one term for a urinary tract infection. The majority of sufferers are female.


6.Fertility Test—Few hormonal tests like FSH(follicular stimulating hormone),LH (luteinizing hormone),TSH(thyroid stimulating hormone) and Prolactin for the bride and semen test for the groom are mandatory to diagnose any problem regarding fertility.


7. Psychological Test- Specially in the case of arrange marriage there is very little possibility for the bride and groom  to know each other closely. So a thorough psychological  test is recommended for both  the bride and  groom for the abnormalities like depression, schizophrenia, mood disorders, mania or personality disorder etc.



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