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On our previous blog we have discussed about the dreams which indicate marriage,now we are discussing about some dreams which indicate bad marriage ,divorce and separation——–

1.         Dreaming that you are abandoned indicates separation, desertion and that your enemies have deprived you of your woman.

2.         Dreaming that you are going abroad or you are already abroad is an indication of some domestic trouble or sweet heart has deserted you.

3.         To see your one arm missing or removed indicates that your wife is likely to desert you, your divorce is likely to be accepted.

4.         Dreaming about back of a lady/gent is an indication that someone in your family will betray you and there may be separation with wife.

5.         Dreaming about a cactus is not a good indication. It indicates separation or divorce. For an unmarried, it indicates break of engagement.

6.         Dreaming about a cage is an indication that you go through separation.

7.         Dreaming about your own engagement indicates failure in your love affair.

8.         Dreaming that your husband is loving another woman before you indicates separation.

9.         Dreaming that you are offering an ice-cream to a person , other than your husband, indicates that you are in love with another person and you will soon desert your husband.

10.     Dreaming about imprisonment is an indication that you are very much involved in some illegal activities  and you will be forcibly restricted to do so or you will be separated from your loved one.

11.     Dreaming that you are staying in a cheap lodge sometimes indicates separation.

12.     Dreaming that you are having the Mahabharata or reading it indicates dispute in family and discord with wife.

13.     Dreaming that you are cooking meat indicates unhappy events or loss of wife.

14.     If you are dreaming about the great rishi Narad of Indian classic, it is an indication of chaos, marriage failure, or breaking of engagement ,break of partnership.

15.     Dreaming about a rat in your house indicates that someone in your family is deceiving you.

16.     Dreaming about a sadhu is a bad dream and indicates separation from family.

17.     To see sun set with dark black clouds indicates desertion by spouse.

18.      Dreaming about a swan- white/black is not a good sign and indicates that you will be deceived by some female friend.

19.     Dreaming about a thigh of a woman ,may be your wife and you find the thigh clean and smooth, is an indication for loss or being trapped by a beautiful woman.

20.      Dreaming that you are undressed or you are undressing your self indicates that your beloved will reject you.

21.     Dreaming that a woman is undressed is an invitation for love but you are likely to be trapped.

22.     Dreaming about some ugly woman indicates failure in love affairs, break in marriage or separation.

23.     Dreaming that you are loving a virgin and she also reciprocates is an indication of your illicit affairs with a woman and separation from your legal wife.

24.     Dreaming about warts either on your body or body of your beloved is an indication of lot of difficulties and troubles for both of you. There will be strong opposition of marriage of both of you.

25.      Dreaming about a widow for a woman  in the dream or that she is inviting you or she is embracing you or entering your own house or that you are going to her house  is a bad sign indicating misunderstanding and sickness of husband.

26.     Dreaming your own wife, looking healthy, smart and well dressed indicates that everything is all right at home except that she is suffering from some minor illness.

27.      Dreaming that you are drinking wine or offering wine to somebody specially a woman is offering wine to you, indicates some misunderstanding about your love and fortune.Both will betray you soon.

 28.  Dreaming about an ugly ,old woman in black dress indicates danger

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Dreams that indicate early marriage—Dreaming is a natural phenomena. Every human being contains a soul, which is immortal and invisible. Soul has full knowledge of your past ,present and future life, relatives ,friends and also events, which took place thousand of years back. This soul can come out freely from your body when you are asleep. It can store every information about you and can retrieve within a second. It can have any shape and figure. It is not controlled by time or space. So only soul has all possible powers to create dreams on your mental screen. Hindu sages used to forecast every important event through dreams. They have some scientific expertise to take dream and decipher them. They were competent enough to understand the meaning of vision, images, symbols etc. seen, noticed and heard by them in their dreams. Sometimes the rulers and their ministers used to consult such sages to guide them and dream to find out the truth. Dreams are never fake. They tell and speak truth only. Like so many other things dreams tell you about the possible spouse and possible timing of marriage. Here we are discussing some dreams that indicate early marriage————-

1.   For an unmarried girl dreaming  that you have shifted to a new abode/house which is more comfortable and magnificent, indicate  marriage.

2.   Dreaming  that some known friend/relative is giving a gift to you and you are accepting it, indicate some happy moments in life like marriage. For an unmarried girl it indicate early marriage.

3.   If a woman dreams that she is adopting a child indicates early marriage.

4.   Dreaming that your love affair is in advance stage indicates marriage. Simple  affair means early marriage.

5.   For an unmarried person, dreaming about almonds, that has been already purchased or acquired indicates early marriage.

6.   For a girl, a basket full of fruits indicates early marriage.

7.   Dreaming about birds in a cage with you indicates early marriage.

8.   Dreaming about a bracelet in your arm indicates early marriage.

9.   Dreaming  that a bride is entering your house indicates early marriage.

10.  If a girl dreams that she is in possession of some cakes indicates early marriage.

11.  Dreaming about a calf sometimes indicates early marriage.

12.  Dreaming a woman eating a carrot indicates early marriage.

13.  For an unmarried girl dreaming about a ceremony indicates early marriage.

14.  Dreaming about cherry indicates marriage.

15.  Dreaming about a number of children playing in the garden indicates marriage.

16.  For a woman dreaming about confectioneries or eating confectioneries indicates early marriage.

17.  For an unmarried girl dreaming about a white coral indicates early marriage.

18.  For those who are unmarried dreaming about a cuokeo indicates early marriage.

19.  Meeting with your darling in dream ,indicates early marriage provided she is well dressed.

20.  Dreaming of holding some bright ,glittering diamonds indicates early marriage.

21.  Dreaming about a fairy indicates marriage.

22.  Dreaming about a beautiful female indicates marriage.

23.  Dreaming that you are walking in a garden , you are alone ,and soon after someone joins you indicates marriage.

24.  If a girl dreams of garlands- buying or carrying, indicates early marriage.

25.  Dreaming about gems indicates marriage.

26.  For a girl, dreaming about gifts that she has received indicates her marriage.

27.  Beautiful girls in dreams indicates marriage.

28.  Dreaming of a handsome person dressed in white, yellow, pink, red coloured dress indicates marriage.

29.  Dreaming about your honeymoon is an indication for early marriage.

30.  Dreaming of riding a horse with a beautiful woman indicates early marriage.

31.  For an unmarried woman dreaming of offering  ice-cream indicates early marriage.

32.  Dreaming about a yellow jasper indicates marriage.

33.  For a girl dreaming about a huge stock of Kernel indicates good marriage.

34.  For a girl dreaming that she is in a kingdom of her  friend  indicates early marriage.

35.  Dreaming of kissing your girl friend during day time is an indication of soon getting married.

36.  Dreaming of lips indicates marriage.

37.  Dreaming of some lotus plants indicates early marriage.

38.  Dreaming about a mare alone , looking happy, indicates that you are soon going to be married.

39.  Dreaming about you are serving meat indicates remarriage.

40.  For a girl dreaming about milk in drums or utensils or distributed by her or being taken by her indicates early marriage.

41.  If you dream that someone is presenting a necklace  to you indicates early marriage.

42.  Dreaming about your passion for social work indicates early marriage.

43.  Dreaming that you have a photograph of your girlfriend/boyfriend indicates that you may soon be married within next few months.

44.  Dreaming about zircon is a good sign. It indicates improvement in your love affairs leading to final settlement and marriage.

45.  Dreaming about a young woman with flowers in her hand indicates early marriage.

46.  Dreaming about x-mas indicates some happy events (marriage) in life.

47.  Dreaming about a beautiful woman, touching you, talking with you or giving you something or favoring you is a clear indication of some happy events in the family and also success through some friends.

48.  Dreaming about fine wooden furniture indicates happy events, marriage or happy news.

49.  Dreaming that you are loving a virgin and she also reciprocates is an indication of early marriage.

50.  Dreaming that you are having a a Turkish bath is an indication of immediate success in your love affairs. It is always a good dream for all purpose.

51.  Dreaming about a trophy indicates early marriage.

52.  Dreaming that you are sailing along with your girlfriend is an indication that you are soon going to be married.

53.  Dreaming of sugar / sweet, eating or buying is a clear indication for some new reasons for happiness.

54.  Dreaming about a sweeper indicates that you may have a girlfriend soon.

55.  If you are dreaming of attending a reception, it indicates that you will soon have some good news and you will also give some sort of reception.

56.  Dreaming that the sun is shining and you are feeling comfortable in its light, is an indication of your greatest achievements and happiness and comforts.

57.  Dreaming about a beautiful red coral or a ring of red coral is an indication that you are going to have your boyfriend or husband very soon.

58.  Dreaming about some renovation work at home or factory indicates that you will be organizing some important function, possibly marriage of someone.

59.  Dreaming about some reservation in train or plane indicates that your marriage is fixed.

60.  Dreaming about a ring or a ring presented to you by somebody or you are wearing it is a good sign. It indicates that you are going to be married soon.

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