Why I Am Not Getting Married ?

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Reasons for not finding life partner or matrimonial alliances——Finding perfect life partner in time and settle down happily is a very common wish to most of the brides and grooms and of course of their families. But sometime instead of all possible efforts marriage does not click. Check out the following common reasons——–

1.You are very snob/highly qualified/very high nose/bossy attitude

2.You are very busy with your career and study so no time for marriage

3.You have very rough behavior and don’t have the ability to continue matrimonial negotiation

4.You have a criminal record

5.You do not earn well or not cultured enough but have hi-fi choice

6.You do not maintain yourself and not organized

7.You are the earning member of the family so your parents do not want to see you settle down(very hard to believe but in some case its true)

8.You believe too much in caste and horoscope and also superstitious

9.You and your family never take initiative to talk to the prospective matrimonial alliances in time

10.You are a groom who is fond of dowry

11.You are a bride have very high salary

12.You are too much dependent on your parent

13.You are alcoholic, frequent smoker or drug addict

14.You do not feel attraction on opposite sex or you are an impotent

15.And last but not least you have not advertised your matrimonial profile on a good and popular matrimonial site

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