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1. Bengali grooms are very emotional, soft, artistic & they have a beautiful heart.

2. They are well qualified, hold good designations in the company.

3. Usually they are not aggressive, home seeking wife’s husband and family person.

4. Bengali grooms have great patience and good in managing funds.

5. They do not like to take any risk in life, so hardly face bad time.

6. Bengali men love to travel with family.

7. Bengali boys are very much fond of oily, spicy restaurant food and spend too much for kitchen.

8. They like to put weight and would not mind your few extra kilos.

9. They can speak English better than their mother tongue.

10. They always have more money for their child’s education.

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Strong financial background always helps you to maintain a happy married life. Getting married is not a big thing but fulfilling all yours and your spouse’s dreams ,secure your family financially, give good education to your child does matter. But with your limited income you may not lead life in the way you want. Then you are forced to sacrifice a lot and lead life on priority basis. Time has come to think differently and increase your saving by taking some right approach. Today we will discuss about how to become rich, create wealth without disturbing your present job.

How to become rich ? Here I am not going to discuss any unrealistic things like lottery, Kidnapping,Chain business etc .I am going to discuss about share market. First of all I would like to clarify I am going to discuss about investment in share market and short term risk free trading, not about the gambling, part of the share market . Why share? Normally buying share is not considered as a saving product.I beg to differ a bit. I say it is savings plus. In the last 10 years if one would have saved @Rs.5000 every month by buying shares of Lupin, he would have saved by now, a total sum of Rs.6 lacs.As on now the value of such savings is an astonishing Rs.43.90lacs. Not only that, every year as a share holder, one would have earned dividend like interest in savings account. Then you have saved Rs.6lacs and your plus is about Rs 38lacs & dividend. This is why I am saying it is Savings Plus. You may argue that Lupin is a very well known company and has performed extremely well. Sure enough, the question of pedigree is there when one has to select a stock. We often ignore the same. Although you will find so many Lupin like or better stocks on the base of Investment return in the share market.

As a counter argument if we did the same savings in DLF for the last seven years, we would have invested an amount of Rs.4.25lacs which as on now would have been 3.38lacs. Reasons for depleting wealth in this case, has to do with DLF as a company failed to perform in last 7years.But everything is not lost. It may start performing at some point. Hence selection like other things in life is an important criteria.
Now its your turn to believe whether your monthly savings will all go the Bank or you would spare some money for this process in stock market.


Trading is nothing but buying and selling shares. It becomes risky if you do not know the art of doing so. You have to buy few companies share at lower price and sell them when the prices will go up. Its Very simple if you do it with knowledge or under expert guidance. Suppose you can invest Rs One lakh and buy five companies share at different rates and quantities. Your intension is to earn Rs ten thousand profit from your Rs one lakh investment. And the time frame is ten days. Now if you get the Rs ten thousand within one day you have to sell the shares and take the profit. There are so many other techniques also for risk free trading.
If you are interested you may contact me directly and start investment in share market by opening a D-mat and trading account else you can find an experienced stock broker or stock adviser also. What Will You Get Through us? Good advice—that’s our strength,Pre plan you portfolio, Support services, Our help desk can advise you support & resistance for the day,Home visit in case of account opening/cheque transaction, Report on trades through sms,Online facilities to trade from home/anywhere,Accessing details of own account through net, Online Chat,if you wish to join. So why wait? Start today—Tomorrow is never late. E mail me today: rudraprasadsaha@gmail.com

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