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Most of the boys and girls or brides and grooms feel uncomfortable in their first date specially when they are meeting each other for selecting life partner. This article may help them to perform well during the same situation—

Where to meet your partner in the first date-

1. Always choose a mall, restaurant, coffee shop, rail station for your first date.

2. Do not select cinema hall, friend’s house, empty or isolated place.

What to wear

1. You should wear a dress in which you are comfortable.

2. Your dress should carry your personality. For girls sari or salwar goes well and boys should look smart, sober and  shaved.

3. Do not wear a dress which you hate to wear.

4. Do not wear dirty clothes.

5. Be sure you are not smelling bad and have bad breath.

What to talk

1. Starting  communication with a small gift like chocolate, perfume, flower etc.is not a bad idea. Start like ‘this is for you’ or ‘a small memento of our first meeting ..keep it with you’ this type of sentences does break the uncomfortable situation.

2. Discuss about the day’s condition like hot, cold or beautiful , ask him or her about that day’s lunch or breakfast. ‘Today’s weather is very pleasant. ‘What you had in the breakfast/lunch today ?’ Lets sit somewhere and have a cup of coffee/bowl  of soup. What is your favorite dish Chinese, Mughlai or continental ? With these type discussion both of you can come into comfort zone easily.

3. In the next level you may ask about his/her liking, present job, career, goal.

4. Can discuss about a movie, film stars or current news or political news.

Do’s and Don’ts

1. Do not sit side by side in a restaurant or coffee shop. Always choose to sit on opposite chair.

2. In case of boys do not stare at any other girls and girls also should not stare at other boys at that time.

3. Do not talk much about your ex.

4. In the first date do not talk about sex intentionally.

5. Do not stay busy with your mobile and makeup Kit(for girls)

6. Give attention and  be expressive .

7. Do not try to force your opinion on him or her.

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