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12 Things Men Like In Women Apart From Good Looks

1. She is understanding.

2. She speaks politely.

3. She is kind.

4. She is positive.

5. She is real.

6. She is a listener.

7. She has a sense of humour.

8. She is expressive.

9. She has brain.

10. She is soft.

11. She is committed

12. She is a good cook


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Choosing a good life partner is very important to lead a happy married life. Just check the following things are present or not in your partner with whom you are planning to tie the knot-

Marry someone Who loves you for who you are and does not want to change you into someone they want.

Marry someone Who dose not care whether you earn a thousand or a lakh in a month.

Marry someone Who can make you smile even when you want to cry.

Marry someone Who would hurt you with the truth rather than temporarily keeping you happy with a life.

Marry someone Who accepts your fears and helps you fight and overcome them.

Marry someone Who can laugh at you, never at you.

Marry someone You can loose track of time with.

Marry someone Who supports you and lifts you up no matter how many times you fall.

Marry someone Who does not mind admitting it when they are wrong.

Marry someone Who does not think twice before showing their weird side to you.

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