Packed Food Delivery Service For Party Get together Seminar Conference In Kolkata

Catering Service For Award Ceremony Get together at Madhusudan Mancha , Kolkata——On 24 th August ,2019 we have done a catering event (Parcel) at Madhusudan Mancha , Dhakuria , Kolkata.It was an award ceremony of Promise Indian Abacus ,Lake Gardens ,Kolkata.The event started in the morning session and ended up with the mouth watering lunch packets from Weddingbell Caterer. All the students ,teachers ,staffs of the Promise Indian Abacus and the media persons who were present in the event enjoyed the taste and quality of our foods. The main menu was Fried Rice, Bhetki Fish Fry and Chilly Chicken for the non veg and Paneer cutlet and Malai Kofta for the veg persons.

Packed food delivery service in Kolkata ,Weddingbell Caterer

If you would like to book our service for your event just feel free to contact us directly ,Weddingbell Caterer ,call or whats app: 8981055586 


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