Annaprashan Party Catering At Agragami Club Bijoygarh Jadavpur Kolkata

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Weddingbell Caterer —–On 6th June 2019 we have done a Bengali Annaprashan (Rice Ceremony) catering event at Bijoygarh Agragami Club , Bijoygarh , Jadavpur ,Kolkata . Rice ceremony of little Prish . The menu was 

Welcome Drinks

Soft Drinks



best annaprashan caterer in kolkata


Chicken Reshmi Kebab

Paneer Tikka

Main Course

Green Salad

Koraisutir Kochuri

Cholar Dal

Bhetki Butter Fry


Steamed Rice

Dahi Katla

White Vegetable Polao

Paneer Masala

Chicken Kosha


Aaam Chatni



Makha Sandesh


All the food items taste earned good praise from the guests . From the Weddingbell Caterer , we are wishing good health , success and prosperity to Prish . If you would like to book your event please call us or whats app on 8981055586



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