Catering Service For Matsamukhi In Golf Green Kolkata

Matsamukhi Catering Event At Golf Green , Phase III , Association Hall ,Kolkata- On 12 th February ,2020 we have done a Matsamukhi event at Golf Green .Although it was a type of sad ceremony but the quality and taste of our foods earned huge praise from all the guests . The menu of the lunch event was ————-

Caterer for Matsamukhi ,Niyombhanga in Kolkata

Steamed Rice

Lal sakh ,Bengali Caterer in Kolkata

Lal Sakh


Vegetable Mug Dal

Beguni ,Bengali Caterers In Kolkata


Fulcopyr Dalna

Dahi Pona , Bengali Caterers In Kolkata

Dahi Katla

Sorse Pabda ,Bengali Caterers in Kolkata

Sorshe Pabda

Amsotyo Chatni ,Bengali Caterer in Kolkata

Amsotyo ,Khejurer Chatni 


Rosogolla ,Bengali Caterers in Kolkata


Kalakand Sandesh , Bengali Caterers In Kolkata

Kalakand Sandesh

Misti Dahi 


For Booking Contact Weddingbell Caterer ,Mobile and Whats App : 8981055586 ,fssai Licence No: 12820019000351



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