Caterer for House Party in Kolkata

  caterer for house party in kolkata ,weddingbell caterer

Weddingbell ,Catering service for House Parties in Kolkata—When a group of close relatives and friends stay together in a house for celebrating an occassion like wedding,reception,birthday,annaprasan,upanayan,puja or a holiday we call the celebration house party.This type of celebration get enriched with good type of tasty foods.We ,Weddingbell Caterer ,one of the top caterers in Kolkata is highly experienced in this field.We are well known to provide tasty and good foods of all types , making these types of celebrations more succussful and entertaining. Not only we provide breakfast,lunch,brunch,dinner in these types of parties,we are also there to fulfillthe guests any mid food demands like hot water for baby food,veg preparations,extra cup of teas and coffees, special snacks and any other hunger pangs. Our very experienced team of cooks and service boys are always there to serve you.We provide all types of Bengali, Moghlai,Cintinental and Chinese dishes to bring variety in this type of parties and to enhance your taste buds.We also have a very attractive and experienced mocktail counter to provide both hard and soft drinks of your choice.So if you are arranging such types of party or you have any catering service requirements please feel free to contact us ,our calling number is 9831204764 and whatsapp 8981055586.We are always at your service.





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