Catering Service For Pujo Bhog

Catering Service For Maa Jagadharti Pujo Bhog……. Shahenai Catering Team has done a  catering for Maa Jagadharti Pujo Bhog . Sree Kaustov Bose hired us for providing bhog items on 17th November, 2018 for their residential Maa Jagadhart Pujo at 28/3B Beadon Row ,Kolkata -700006 . We have done our best to make all the pujo bhog items tasty and bring pujo like flavor. We also made and served all the Pujo bhog items in clean and veg utensils  , used fresh and pure ingredients .And you will be glad to hear that our efforts is being appreciated and praised by the Bose family of North Kolkata. Here is the menu of the event–


Five types of vegetables fry


Kasmiri Aloordum

Dhokar Dalna

Chanar Dalna 

Kanchakolar Kofta 

Basanti Pulao

Fulkopir Roast 

Tomato Chutney 




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