No 1 Catering Service At Bansdroni Tollygunge

number one birthday caterer at bansdroni

Birthday Catering At Bansdroni, Tollygunge ——–On 25 th August we have done a birthday catering event at Bansdroni (Palpara) ,Tollygunge ,Kolkata. It was Twenty fifth birthday party of Rika Paul , Major attraction of the menu was Bhetki fish Fry , Chicken Biriyani and Chicken Chaap. All the food items taste and quality served by us earned huge praise from the guests. The special soft Birthday cake was also very delicious.

If you also would like to hire us for your Birthday,Wedding, Reception, Annaprashan ,Paite ,Griho Pravesh or any other catering event just feel free to contact us Weddingbell Caterer 8981055586

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Catering Service For Griha Pravesh In Kolkata

Veg Caterer For Griha Pravesh In Kolkata—– On 29 th July, 2019 ,Our catering team has done a Griha Pravesh Catering event at Debnath Apartment ,HE/12-13 Hattyara Road , Jheelbagan,Darpan Lane ,Post Office Hattyara, Police Station : New Town, Kolkata – 700157 , Near Baguihati. This is the new home of Mr. Shrawan Kumar Mishra.. The Menu of the event was ……..

catering service for griha pravesh in kolkata

Welcome Drink

Strawberry Crush


Paneer Tikka With Mint Chatni and Curd

Dahi Bada

koraisutir kochuri ,catering service for griha pravesh in kolkata

Main Course

Peas Kochuri

Butter Nun

Paneer Butter Masala

Dal Makhani

Malai Kofta

Veg Polao

Mixed Vegetables

malai kofta ,catering service for griha pravesh

basanti polao ,catering service for griha prabesh

mixed vegetable,catering service in kolkata



Pineapple Chatni

Gulab Jamun 


Ice Cream with hot chocolates

gulab jamun ,catering service for griha prabesh

rabri ,catering service for griha prabesh

Everyone enjoyed the taste of our foods.We would like to do more such events at Baguihati,Lake town, Dum dum,Kestopur and surrounding areas. Please feel free to call or ping us , Weddingbell Caterer 8981055586 for booking and any type of assistance.


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