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Annaprashan Catering With Live Mocktail At Haldia Town……On 1st September 2019 ,we have done a Rice Ceremony catering event at Hotel Meghdoot , Manjusree More, Haldia Town. It was Rice ceremony of Sree Sayan and Tulika Chakraborty's son little Tanush. Our catering team worked very hard to make the lunch event successful and at the end of the day we got huge appreciation from all the guests. The menu was ………..





mocktail counter and catering service in haldia

Caterer in Haldia,Weddingbell Caterer

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Welcome Drinks

Mocktail (Live)


Chicken Pakora

Veg Pakora

Main Course:

Steamed Rice


Bhaja Mug Dal

Alubhaja With Posto

Begun Bhaja

Bhetki Fish Batter Fry

Potoler Dolma

Katla Macher Kalia

Mutton Kosha

catering service at Haldia3


Dry Fruits Chutney





The guests were expecting quality and professional services from us because no such service was available in the town. When they saw we have fulfilled their expectations then they were overjoyed and made us proud by praising our services from all angles.We are overwhelmed by the way we got appreciation and praise of our professional services. Although we are the based in Kolkata but after experiencing such demand now we would like to serve our catering service in Haldia ,Mecheda , Kolaghat , Kanthi , Digha and surrounding areas. So we are looking for oppurtunities from the residents of the areas. Call or ping us directly to book your Wedding , Reception , Paite , Annaprashan , Birthday or any other Catering events , our contact number is Weddingbell Caterer 8981055586




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