Birthday Party Catering At Lake Gardens Kolkata

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Birthday Party Menu ——On 3rd August we got a chance to provide some delicious foods to Mr. and Mrs Dasgupta's two years old sweet daughter  Arjahi's birthday party at Lake Gardens,Kolkata.We were given the responsibility to do the catering and organize the party.The birthday party was very entertaining with various kids' games but the most popular was our mouth watering foods.The party took off with delicious starters like chocolate cake,sizzling egg devils and soft drinks.The guests were amazed with taste of the egg devils and they ate the devils to their full satisfaction.Then came the main course , which included egg tarka with rumali roti and green salad followed by hot fish fries whose taste simply made the guests fingerlicking.After this came methi rice and chicken kosha. Last but not the least was the dessert items-sticky mango chutney with crispy papad and our special fresh rosogollas.The guests enjoyed every item and were highly satisfied.The birthday party was really very successful as all the guests from old to young enjoyed our fabulous food items.We are looking for more opportunities from the residents of Lake gardens, Jodhpur Park, Jadavpur , Tollygunje ,Golf Green and surrounding areas to make your special day very successful with our experiece and high quality food items.Please contact us on 8981055586 (Whats app)Here is the complete menu of little Arjahi's birthday party——–

Birthday Menu

Starter —-Egg Devil , Chocolate Cake , Soft Drinks

Main Course—- Green Salad, Rumali Roti , Egg Tadka , Bhetki Fish Fry , Methi Rice , Butter Paneer Masala , Dahi Katla ,Chicken Kosha

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Dessert —- Mango chuney ,Papad , Rosogolla


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14 thoughts on “Birthday Party Catering At Lake Gardens Kolkata”

  1. Well.. first of All we also had amazing Kashmiri Aloo dum …( I guess you missed it)..

    Secondly… If you guys are going thro this blog to find out about the comments and reviews.. Take my words you wont regret having him for your event..

    There are 2 things i consider important here..
    1. Quality , taste and Hygiene.
    2. Behaviour.

    I am sure you will not repent…

    Finally… Good going guys keep up with the great work and may you grow up to be one of the best in class…cheers..

  2. Thank You very much sir ,yes you are right we have missed to mention about Kashmiri Alurdom in the blog,

  3. It is a great idea to organise birthday party. I will do it next year for my son.

  4. I know them very well, I do hire weddingbell caterer every time, they are so friendly and foods are awesome

  5. I know the caterer very well ,they are the best, I do hire them regularly and also recommend .

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