Catering Service For Matsamukhi In Golf Green Kolkata

Matsamukhi Catering Event At Golf Green , Phase III , Association Hall ,Kolkata On 12 th February ,2020 we have done a Matshyamukhi Ceremony Catering  Event at  Golf Green . In this event we have served very high quality food . The quality and taste of our foods earned huge praise from all the guests . The menu of the lunch event was ————-

Caterer for Matsamukhi ,Niyombhanga in Kolkata

Plain Rice

Laal Sakh


Vegetable Moong Daal 


Fulkopir Dalna

Dahi Katla

Shorshe Pabda

Amsotyo ,Khejurer Chutney



Kalakand Sandesh

Misti Dahi 


For Booking Contact Shahenai catering service 9831204764 

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