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Experienced Corporate Caterer , Weddingbell Caterer……….On 7 th January,2019 , We have  successfully done a big catering event at Sheffield International , 20/ 1A East Topsia Road ,Kolkata-700046. It was a birthday celebration of Mr Bishan Mirania Agarwal ,M.D of the Sheffield International . Actually Mr Bishan Mirania's birthday was on 6th January but he celebrated with a great lunch treat on 7 th January with all the employees of Mirania Group.There were more than few hundred guests consisting of his family members , friends and ofcourse all his employees . The lunch menu was ……..

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Welcome Drinks:



Fish Finger

Paneer Tikka

Main Course–

Koraisutir Kochuri

Chana Paneer

Green Salad 

Steamed Rice

Katla Macher Kalia 

Mutton Kosha

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Fruit Chatni



Misti Dahi


All the dishe were extremely delicious and all the guests enjoyed every bit of it. We got special appreciation for Dahi Katla and Mutton Kosha . And at the end of the day Mr Bishan Agarwal Sir promised us that he will refer our servic to his acquaintance and also will appoint us in his next events.

If you would like to book our catering service for your corporate event, seminar, conference , corporate get together just feel free to contact us ,Weddingbell Caterer , Whats app : 8981055586


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