Marriage In Kalighat Kali Temple

Marriage in Kalighat Kali Temple—Kalighat is a locality situated in South Kolkata, India Kalighat is also densely populated and vibrant—with a rich history of cultural intermingling with the various foreign incursions into the area over time.The World famous Kalighat Kali Temple dedicated to the Goddess Kali is situated in Kalighat and is regarded as one of the 51 Shakti Peeth of India, where the various parts of Sati’s body are said to have fallen, in the course of Shiva’s Rudra Tandava. Kalighat represents the site where the toes of the right foot of Dakshayani or Sati fell. Legend has it that a devotee discovered a luminant ray of light coming from the Bhāgirathi river bed, and upon investigating its source came upon a piece of stone carved in the form of a human toe. He also found a Svayambhu Lingam of Nakuleshwar Bhairav nearby and started worshiping Kali in the midst of a thick jungle.The Shakti here is known as Kalika, while the Bhairav is Nakulesh.It is a very famous place and a pilgrimage for Shakta (Shiva and Durga/Kali/Shakti worshippers) followers within the Hindu religion. The temple is visited by pilgrims from all over India irrespective of sectarian differences. The thousands of pilgrims who flock daily to the Kalighat temple treat Kali very much like a human mother, bringing her their domestic problems and prayers for prosperity, and returning when their prayers are fulfilled to express their gratitude. Their attitude towards the Goddess is guided by their religious traditions and training, their spiritual and intellectual capacities, and the guidance of their temple priests.In Kalighat The Goddess Kali Murti is incomplete. Only the face of the  Goddess Kali was made first. The hands, made of gold and silver, the tongue, the Shiva Murti and all the jewellery were added over the years.On Snan Yatra day,while giving the divine Mother the ceremonial bath, the priests tie their eyes with cloth coverings. On auspicious occasions like Kali Puja, Durga Puja, Poilabaisakh the Bengali New Year day and Sankranti large number of devotees throng the place with offerings

Sosthi TalaThis is a rectangular altar about three feet high bearing a small cactus plant. Beneath the tree, on an altar three stones are placed side by side – left to right representing the Goddesses “Sosthi”“Sitola”, and “Mongol Chandi”. This sacred spot is known as Sosthi Tala or Monosha Tala. This altar was constructed by Gobinda Das Mondal in 1880. The place of the altar is the Samadhi of Brahmananda Giri. Here all the priests are female. No daily worship or offering of Bhog (food offering) is done here. The Goddesses here are considered as part of Maa Kali.

Natmondir-–  A large rectangular covered platform called Natmondir has been erected adjacent to the main temple,from where the face of the  Ma Kali can be seen. This was originally built by Zamindar Kasinath Roy in 1835. It has been subsequently renovated often.

Jor-bangla—- The spacious varandah of the main temple Facing the Makali is known as Jor Bangla. Rituals occurring inside the sanctum sanctorum are visible from the Natmondir through the Jor-bangla.

Harkath Tala—-This is the spot adjacent to the Natmondir, southwards meant for Bali (sacrifice). There are two Sacrificial altars for animal sacrifices side by side. These are known as Hari- Kath.

The bigger one is for buffalo sacrifices and the smaller one for goats and sheep. The animals are sacrificed with a single stroke of the scimitar and there is very little cruelty to animals when compared to the professional abattoirs.

Radha-Krishna TempleThis temple is known as Shamo-ray temple and is situated inside the temple at the west side of the main temple.There is a separate kitchen for preparation of vegetarian Bhog (food offering) for Radha-Krishna.

Kundupukur—This is the sacred tank situated in the south-east of the temple outside the boundary walls. Present area of the tank is approximately 10 cottahs. In the past it was bigger and called ‘Kaku-Kunda’. In 16th century ‘Sati-Ango’ ( the right toe of Sati) was discovered from this tank.This tank is well known for its power to bestow the boon of a child. The water from this tank is regarded as sacred as that of the Ganges. Efforts at draining the water from the tank for cleaning has failed in the past showing the possibility of a subterranean with Adi Ganga.

Nakhuleshwar Mahadev Temple—-This Siva temple is dedicated to the consort of Maa Kali. It is situated in Haldar Para lane on the opposite side of the temple behind the police station. This temple is also very old and mentioned in the history.

Marriage In Kalighat Kali Temple—Kalighat Kali Temple is also a holy place for marriage.Lots of couples starts their new life in front of Maa Kali with her blessing.The Pandas of Kalighat Temple helps the couples to follow the Hindu marriage rituals and all other formalities. Usually every Newly Married couples like to visit  Kalighat Temple for blessing of Maa Kali and make their upcoming life happy and prosperous. And you will be happy to know that we are the only professional Wedding Planner in Kolkata for arranging Temple Marriage In Kolkata. If you are planning for a hassle free temple marriage with full privacy then you can contact us without any hesitation . In last fifteen years we have conducted more than few thousands temple marriages at Kalighat Kali Temple . All the couples are spending their life happily .  We do arrange little bit  decoration also on demand . Still and Video Photography, Bridal Makeup and Catering Service are also there .   For Marriage at Kalighat Kali Temple Contact or Whats App Shahenai Wedding Planner 9831204764

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  1. I want to marry on dt 25.1.16 at any mondir or temple in Kolkata. Please advice me. What to do??

  2. Go to the Temple of your choice and talk to the Purohit Mosai of the temple ,he will guide you properly.Wish you all the best.

  3. How much do the priests generally charge for performing these marriage rituals?

  4. You can contact Weddingbell Associates for the complete package according to your budget ,8981055586

  5. hi, i am from domjur hawada. want to know my is Dhara Surname belongs to kayastha brahamin cast ?

  6. My sister want to marry here . With all the rituals. Agni Fara and 7. Vachans etc . on 25 November please help me.

  7. Does they arrange Wedding in Dakshineswar Kali temple? And after or in between Durgapuja days is it possible to get married there?

  8. sir/madam
    I want marry to this temple I want to marry in hindu based means pandit and all aragement
    also say the budget
    cont. no.9474225873

  9. Hello,

    I wish to marry my beloved in Kalighat and I am from Bangladesh.Can I allow to marry as I am a foreigner there. If so what would the cost? Is there any fixed date for rituals? Who I contact to get the job done?

    Pls let me know.



  10. Do they keep any record of marriages done there in the registrar Of tarapith kali temple?

  11. Hi
    Is it possible to get telegu pandit in Dakhineshwar or kali ghat temple for marriage.

  12. Is this possible to get married with my girl friend
    In one day???? Or is there any appointments to reserve our name and related information for wedding purpose.

    Plz inform me….

  13. my partner and i want to get married on 2nd of march 2018 in kalighat. can u please tell me can we do so??

  14. Yes you can do it, please contact us immediately to book date and time,our whats app and calling number is 8981055586

  15. Your email id is not valid,please contact or whats app us on 8981055586 to get the details and for booking

  16. I,shyamal kumar sarkar wants to marry of my daughter on 27th April 2018 in kalighat temple,please let me know the details of procedure and budget etc.Namaskar–shyamal kumar sarkar 

  17. Hi Mai Apne partner k sath shadi krna chahti hu kaalighat me to kya mujhe shadi ka koi prove milega mere mtlb pramanpatra shadi ka

  18. Me and my fiancee want to marry at kalighat in this Boishakh so please tell me the procedure and how it’s approx cost to get married

  19. Thank you for contacting us.We are the only authorized wedding planner in Kolkata for organizing Temple Marriage.So please share your contact details or call / whatsapp us on 8981055586 as soon as possible,we will provide all the details over there.
    Weddingbell Associates Team
  20. Kya shadi karne ke liye documents ki jarurar parti hai .aur without parents ki bhi shaadi ho sakti hai .

  21. Administrator, My son,s marriage has been fixed on 29th June 2018,We r from Tollygunge, Kol40,WB. I want to get necessary information about what to do, when and how.Everything necessary will have to be known on our part(both bride & groom )prior to the function.Will u pls inform me when will I meet to get an instruction about with u at any early date and where?

  22. Ami amar girlfriend k social vabe biya korte chai 29.06.18 , amadar registry marriage hoyagacha , ki ki dorkar lagbe & baduge kato pls. Advice me call 8481849362 , 9674388162

  23. Sir my name is sudip,dhubri assam
    I want to do as barnow marrige
    Can I do it,
    If I can than you give me information
    About marriage fee,withness request
    Etc and regestration fee etc
    Thank u

  24. I want to get married on 15th june in most simple way . What is the cost and how much time does it take?

  25. We are engaged and we are planning to get married with each other. But the thing is I am Muslim and he is Hindu.. A bengali brahman guy. Is it ok or possible to get married in Kalighat? Will they allow? Allowance is my main concern actually!

  26. I want to marry my lover,at what time i have to reached with him and how much time it will take?

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