Small Budget Wedding Catering Service At Golf Green Kolkata

small budget wedding planner and caterer at golf green kolkata

Small Budget Wedding Event  At Golf Green ,Phase III , Association Hall ,KolkataOn 30 th January 2020 we have done a Wedding Event at Golf Green Phase -III Association Hall.This was the wedding of Tanuja and Dhritiman. Number of invitees were only one hundred and the budget of the client was also very low.So we have offered them a Budget Bengali Wedding Package which included Complete marriage rituals,Purohit and dansamogri , All types of wedding stationaries, Wedding venue, Decoration and Lighting , Both still and video photography,Bridal Make up and Catering.We have offered complimentary lunch on the event date for 15 heads also.The lunch menu was Steamed Rice,Mug dal,Alu bhaja, Labra  ,Katla kalia and Chatni. And the dinner menu of the event was —-

Wedding caterer at Golf Green ,Kolkata

Welcome Drinks



Chicken Pakora

koraisutir kochuri ,small budget caterer kolkata

chana masala ,small budget caterer in kolkata

Main Course

Green Salad

Koraisutir Kochuri 

Chana Masala

bhetki fish butter fry,caterer at golf green kolkata

Bhetki Fish Butter Fry

white vegetable polao ,caterer at golf green kolkata

White Vegetable Polao

chicken kosha ,caterer at golf green,kolkata

Chicken Kosha


Dry Fruits Chatni


gulab jamun ,catering service for griha prabesh

Gulab Jamun

rabri ,catering service for griha prabesh



If you ar also interested in personalised wedding package just feel free to contact us directly .Weddingbell Associates 8981055586

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