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Wedding Reception Catering At Rania Bansdroni

Wedding Reception Catering At Bansdroni ,Kolkata—–On 28 th February ,2020 we have done a grand Wedding Reception Catering event at Renia, Bansdroni , South Kolkata .It was Wedding Reception Of Abhirup and Rika. We,the whole team of¬† shahenai worked very hard for this event . Chicken Reshmi Kebab , Chicken Biryani , Mutton Kosha and Rabri were the most loved dishes among the guests. The menu of the event was———-

Welcome Drinks

Mocktail (Live)



Top Rated Wedding Caterer at Kolkata ,West Bengal


Chicken Tikka

Chicken Reshmi Kebab

Fish Finger

Chilli Baby Corn

Fuchka and Papri Chart live Counter , Kolkata caterers

Papri Chaat (Live)

Fuchka (Live)

Salad Counter

Main Course 

Butter Naan (Live)

Koraisutir Kochuri (Live)

Dal Makhani

Chana Masala

Bhetki Fish Paturi

Steamed Rice

Chicken Biryani

Mutton Kosha

Chingri Macher Malaikari

Exclusive Veg Items

Paneer Roll



Dry Fruits Chutney


Jilebi (Live)


Gulab Jamun


Jhuri Dahi

Ice Cream


pan counter ,kolkata caterers

The taste of all the above items earn huge praise from all the guests.If you too would like to hire our catering service just feel free to contact us directly , calling and whatsapp number is Shahenai Catering Service 9831204764

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