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Top Quality Wedding Catering At Santoshpur Jadavpur Kolkata

best caterer at santoshpur,jadavpur,kolkata

Wedding Catering At Neeldeep Marriage Hall , Santoshpur, Jadavpur——-On 26 th February,2020 we have done a Wedding Catering at Neeldeep Marriage Hall,Santoshpur, Kolkata.It was wedding of Madumita and Krishnamohan. Madumita’s sister hired our catering service to make their wedding event memorable and we did not disappoint them. In this event we did serve very high quality food.  The Menu of the Wedding dinner party was ————

top rated caterer at santoshpur , jadavpur , Kolkata

Welcome Drinks


Soft Drinks


Chicken Reshmi Kebab

Paneer Tikka

Main Course

Green Salad

Koraishutir Kochuri

Chana Masala

Bhetki Fish Batter  Fry

Vegetable Pulao

Dahi Katla

Chicken Afghani

Veg Special

Paneer Cutlet

Malai Kofta

Navratna Curry


Dry Fruits Chutney




Ice cream


The taste of the foods and service earned top quality tag from the host and the guests.If you would like to book our service too just feel free to contact or ping us directly , Shahenai Catering Service 9831204764 

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