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Vegetable Menu Idea——In West Bengal it is really hard to find a good veg caterer who can satisfy the taste buds of veg lovers. There are many festivals like innumerable pujas which require good veg food providers. Not only festivals, nowadays many Bengalees and other communities like Marwaris ,Biharis etc in Kolkata ,West Bengal are preferring veg foods in their Wedding,Reception,Birthday Party,Baby Shower,Paite ,Rice Ceremony ,Blessing Ceremony . Shradh ceremony also consists of veg food. Thus finding a good veg caterer in Kolkata, West Bengal really becomes a challenge. Here comes Weddingbell Caterers who  are expert in making various tasty, fresh and Bengali veg foods. We,the Weddingbell Caterers , have a huge variety of veg items and specialised cooks for making the foods tasty and reminds you of the Grandma's hand and also make your event memorable and successful .There are many Bengali veg items which are very delicious but have been forgotten in due time. We are bringing those tasty dishes back , just have a look of the below mentioned veg food items and get an idea ……………….

Welcome Drinks

Mocktail (Live)

Dahi Sarbot (Live)




Chilli / Crispy Baby Corn

Mochar Chop

Paneer Tikka

Vegetable Chop

Mini Piza

Fuchka (Live)

Dahi Fuchka (Live)

Papri Chart (Live)

Tomato Soup

Corn Soup

phuchka stall caterer rajarhat salt lake kolkata1

Main Course

Green Salad

Russian Salad

Fruit Salad



Dahi Bada

Peas Kochuri /Butter Nun / Baby Nun / Radhaballabi

Chana Masala / Cholar Dal /Alur Dom

Veg Navratna

Veg Biriyani

Veg Polao / Peas Rice / Basanti Polao /Fried Rice

Steamed Rice

Bhaja Mug Dal

Dati Begun Bhaja

Jhuri Alu Bhaja

Jhuri Narkel Bhaja

Posto Bora

Alu Posto




Malai Kofta

Butter Paneer Masala

Potoler Dorma

Fulcopyr Roast

Kachkolar Kofta

Dhokar Dalna

Bori Diye Chal Kumro

Lau Ghonto

Mushroom Kofta

Veg caterer in Kolkata,West Bengal


Dry Fruits Chatni /Mango Chatni /Fruits Chatni



Gulab Jamun





Misi Dahi

Jhuri Dahi 

Chanar Bora


top rated veg caterer in kolkata,west bengal


These are the usually a  standard veg dishes for Wedding , Reception , Annaprashan , Paite , Birthday , Pujas and all other occassions , but you can add or remove some food items according to your budget and choice.For further assistance you may contact or whats app Weddingbell Caterer on 8981055586

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