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Wedding Catering at Ichyapuran Banquet Hall, Near Acropolish Mall , Kolkata—– On 6th July 2019 we have done a Wedding Catering Event at Ichyapuran Banquet Hall, near Acropolis Mall, Kolkata. It was the wedding of Debadrita and Aditya. Shree Debashis Pal hired our catering service for his elder daughter Debadrita's Wedding and the very special day's menu was—

Welcome Drinks:

Soft drinks


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Starter :

Chicken Reshmi Kabab

Veg Pakora

Chilli Baby Corn

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Main Course :

Green Salad

Raita Baby


Cholar Dal

Bhetki Fish Batter Fry

Steamed Rice

Dahi Katla

Vegetable White Polao

Malai Kofta

Butter Paneer

Navratna Curry

Mutton Kosha

Dessert :

Aam Chatni





Pan (Live)

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We have done our best to make the dishes delicious and tasty by using good quality spices , branded oil and fresh raw materials.With all these things we have added our experience and uncompromising service. At the end of the day all our efforts got appreciation. We are wishing all the best to the newly married couple from Team Weddingbell Caterer. 

If you would also like to hire our catering service just feel free to contact us, we are reasonable and will be glad to serve you .Our calling and whats app number is 8981055586

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