Caterer And Wedding Planner in Gariahat Kolkata

wedding planner gariahat kolkata

Weddingbell Associates——- Wedding Reception of Anirban and Koel , As we all know Weddingbell Associates is a renowned Wedding Planner in Kolkata ,very experienced and serving the clients with honesty and full dedication . On 28th January 2019 our Wedding Planning team has succesfully done a Wedding Reception at Hotel Thames ,Gariahat ,Kolkata .Mr Apurba Samaddar residing at NABAMITA , Flat No 1A, Jodhpur Park , Kolkata –700068 hired our service for his son's Sree Anirban and daughter in law Koel's Wedding Reception.According to our client's recommendation we  decided to plan the recepton party at the Banquet hall of Hotel Thames ,Gariahat .There were some outstation guests also so we booked all the twenty seven rooms of the Hotel Thames so that they can stay comfortably and enjoy to the fullest.We have given our best and performed all the jobs meticulously like taking care of outstation guests,bhat kapor ceremony,arranging lunch for the close relatives and friends,banquet hall decoration,bridal make up ,candid photography and serving delicious foods at dinner and made the event a grand success.


Weddingbell Caterer—- Whatever you are spending on decoration , lighting and how much gorgeous is everything,the event will not become memorable unless the guests do not find royal taste in the foods. Weddingbell Caterer team knows it very well.So like all the other events, here also we have applied our all experience and skills to make all the food items delicious. And at the end of the day we have earned huge praise for our quality and taste of the foods from all the guests and Mr Samaddar and his family.The menu of the day was——–


Soft Drinks

Tea Coffee

Chicken Reshmi Kebab

Paneer Tikka

Main Course

Green Salad

Koraisutir Kochuri

Cholar Dal

Vetki Butter Fry

Veg Polao

Dahi Katla

Chanar Dalna

Mutton Kosha



Fruit chatni



Makha Sandesh

Ice Cream with chocolate syrup


If you too would like to book our wedding planning or catering service please feel free to contact us directly.We will feel fortunate if we get a chance to serve you .Our calling and whats app number is : 8981055586



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Wedding Planner and Caterer in Golf Green Kolkata

wedding planner at golf green kolkata1

Weddingbell Associates —–Bengali Wedding Planner and Caterer —As you all know that Weddingbell Associates is one of the best wedding planner in Kolkata with more than fifteen years of experience. With a team of eclectic , dedicated , passionate and energetic professionals .Weddingbell always try to organize elegant , extravagant events anywhere in Kolkata ,West Bengal .Our mission is to transform your wedding day from a blank canvas into the bash of your dreams .Leaving no stones unturned . Weddingbell will go above and beyond to deliver a flawlessly planned wedding even down to the most intimate , special moments and personalized details.

Recently on 17th January ,2019 we have successfully planned a complete Bengali Wedding at Golf Green Phase IV-A Apartment Owners Association Hall ,Kolkata -700095 . Wedding of Sukanya and Shuvro . The hall was decorated with flowers and lights . A mandap or Chadnatala made on the middle of the hall , our purohit performed the Bengali marriage rituals by following the customs . Candid photography done by our professional photographers and last but not the least the couple and their family members and all the guests have enjoyed the taste and the quality of our foods . Specially koraisutir kochuri , dahi katla , fruit chatni and makha sandesh earned huge praise . You will feel happy to know that at the end of the day our catering department Weddingbell Caterer stole the heart of everyone. The menu of the day was ……



Vegetable Pakora

Chicken Pakora

best caterer at golf green kolkata

Main Course

Green Salad

Koraisutir Kochuri

Chana Masala

Bhetki fish fry

Vegetable Polao

Butter paneer masala

Dahi katla

Mutton Kosha


Chatni Papad


Makha sandesh


If you would like to plan your wedding or hire our catering service just feel free to contact us .We are always at your service.Our calling and whats app number is 8981055586


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