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Budget Wedding Planner in Kolkata ————–A wedding planner helps you to plan your wedding from start to finish .There are lots of wedding planners in Kolkata.They are all ready with their innovative ideas and hi fi arrangements to make your special day memorable.They are good and effective when you have a handsome budget for your wedding . But when you do not have fat wedding budget or don’t want to spend money unnecessarily at your wedding then you have to find a small budget wedding planner to make your special day perfect without stress . In this matter we would like to introduce ourself , we are Shahenai  , first and most experienced wedding planners in Kolkata, Our aim is to create for you a beautiful wedding day and a special event for you and your guests to remember. We understand that a bride’s wedding day is one of the most important days of her life and we can offer a stress free solution to help you , plan your dream wedding day , so you can enjoy every moment and treasure it forever. From selecting venue ,decoration , bridal makeup , catering , wedding rituals , live shehnai player , Ghora gari , palki with bahak , band party , dhaki , Dj , live singer , managing guests , photography , videography and anything else our team members are ready to provide you the best of the best in the industry. Expect impeccable and friendly service and a wedding that will be the talk of the town .Feel free to contact or ping us on whats app 8981055586

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Bengali Wedding Package ‘Ebar Swapno Hobe Sotti’

Recently Shahenai  has introduced a Cheapest Bengali Wedding OR Recepton package by the name ‘Ebar Swapno Hobe Sotti ‘.The Bengali Wedding Package cost is Rs One Lakh Eighty thousand .The package includes Wedding Venue, Decoration, Lighting , Full Wedding Rituals including Morning Rituals Nandimukh and Gye Holud, Bridal Make up . Groom’s Car With Decoration , Candid  photography (Both still and video) and catering of minimum 100 (one hundred guests). If the number of guests are more than one hundred then you have to pay Rs 700 extra per guest . Venue available at Golf Green ,  Bijoygarh , Golf Garden , Jadavpur , Survey park  . Now lets see the fixed menu of the package —

Welcome Drinks

Mocktail Bar Live

Tea & Coffee,Live 


Chicken Kebab

Fish Balls

Chilli Baby Corn

Main Course

Green Salad ,

Bhetki Fish Fry /Batter Fry

Koraishutir Kochuri / Radhaballavi 

Chana Masala / Aloor Dum / Cholar Dal ,

Butter Paneer Masala / Malai Kofta / Veg Navratna ,

Option 1

Peas Rice / Veg Pulao /Basanti Pulao 

Plain Rice

Katla Macher Kalia 

Chicken Afghni / Maharani Chicken

Mutton Kosha / Mutton Rogan Josh

Option 2

Mutton Biryani

Chicken Chaap

Plain Rice

Katla Kalia



Papar ,

Rosogolla ,

Rabri ,


Note: The above package is also available without venue , decoration , lighting at one lakh fifty thousand only . For booking  please contact Shahenai Wedding Planner ,9831204764

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