Wedding Reception Catering At Uttarpara Hooghly

Number one Wedding caterer at Uttarpara,Hooghly

Wedding Reception Catering At Fanindra Bhavan ,G.T.Road , Deshbandhu Park , Uttarpara———-On 5 th March 2020 we have done a Wedding Reception Catering event at Uttarpara ,Westbengal.It was Wedding reception of Sanjib and Arpita . Sree Sanjib Bhattacharjee resident of Rishra , Hooghly hired us for his Wedding Recepton event. Although there are lots of caterers in Hooghly but he wanted to make his recepton event very special and memorable rather than an ordinary one. So on the basis of our clients reviews and feedback he decided to put the big responsibility on us.And we have not dissaponted him . At the end of the day our service,quality and the taste of the foods earned huge praise from all the guests. The menu of the event was——-

Welcome Drinks

Mocktail Counter live,best Wedding caterer in Hooghly ,West Bengal

Mocktail (Live)



Chicken Reshmi Kabab, best Bengali Caterer at Hooghly , West Bengal

Chicken Reshmi Kabab

Chilli Baby Corn

Main Course

Green Salad

Baby Nun

Chana Masala

Fish Butter Fry

Peas Rice, Best Bengali Caterer At Hooghly ,West Bengal

Peas Rice

katla Fish coriander,best wedding caterer in Hooghly ,West Bengal

Katla Coriander

Mutton Rogan Josh , Best Bengali Caterer at Hooghly

Mutton Rogan Josh

Exclusive Veg Items

Paneer Cutlet

Malai Kofta

Paneer Masala


Dry fruits chatni, Best Bengali Caterer in Hooghly , West Bengal

Dry Fruits Chatni


Rabri, Best Bengali Caterer in Hooghly, West Bengal


Gulab Jamun ,Best Bengali Caterer in Hooghly, West Bengal

Gulab Jamun

Ice Cream


Best Wedding Caterer at Uttarpara,Hooghly

If you also would like to make your event special and memorable just feel free to contact us directly,Weddingbell Caterer ,Mobile and Whatsapp : 8981055586 .We are very much reasonable and our fssai licence no: 12820019000351

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Catering Service For Matsamukhi In Golf Green Kolkata

Matsamukhi Catering Event At Golf Green , Phase III , Association Hall ,Kolkata- On 12 th February ,2020 we have done a Matsamukhi event at Golf Green .Although it was a type of sad ceremony but the quality and taste of our foods earned huge praise from all the guests . The menu of the lunch event was ————-

Caterer for Matsamukhi ,Niyombhanga in Kolkata

Steamed Rice

Lal sakh ,Bengali Caterer in Kolkata

Lal Sakh


Vegetable Mug Dal

Beguni ,Bengali Caterers In Kolkata


Fulcopyr Dalna

Dahi Pona , Bengali Caterers In Kolkata

Dahi Katla

Sorse Pabda ,Bengali Caterers in Kolkata

Sorshe Pabda

Amsotyo Chatni ,Bengali Caterer in Kolkata

Amsotyo ,Khejurer Chatni 


Rosogolla ,Bengali Caterers in Kolkata


Kalakand Sandesh , Bengali Caterers In Kolkata

Kalakand Sandesh

Misti Dahi 


For Booking Contact Weddingbell Caterer ,Mobile and Whats App : 8981055586 ,fssai Licence No: 12820019000351



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