Aiburobhaat Catering Service At Bedon Street

Aiburobhaat Catering Service At Bedon Street——.Aiburobhaat is a pre wedding ceremony in most of the Bengali families. Aiburo is a Bengali word , meaning bachelor and Bhaat meaning Rice , so the meaning of aiburobhaat in english is bachelor rice. The last meal of a bachelor at their own place is called aiburobhaat. On 26 th January , 2019 Shahenai Catering Team has done an aiburobhaat catering event at The Kolkata Municipal Corporation Community Hall ,Ghore Bahir , 9/2 Beadon Street , Kolkata-700006. It was Aiburobhaat of Sree Sourav Kumar Chandra ,The lunch menu of the event was———


Cholar Daal

Steamed Rice

Five types of Vegetables Fry

Macher Matha Bhaja

Palong Sakher Ghanta

Macher Matha Diye Moong Daal

Bhetki Fish Batter Fry

Parshe Macher Jhal

Rui Macher Kalia

Fruits Chutney



Misti Dahi


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